SBI Loan Interest Rate

Interest Rates for SBI Personal Loans
For loans up to Rs 20 lakh and terms up to 7 years, SBI Personal Loan is offered at 11% p.a. Additionally, SBI offers 7-year pension loans with terms up to Rs 14 lakh. Additionally, it offers pre-approved personal loans with quick loan payments.

Interest Rate SBI Personal Loan 2023

The SBI Personal Loan Interest Rates for 2023 are listed below.

TypeInterest Rate For SBI Personal Loans
Time Loan11.00% – 12.50%
Plan TypeInterest Rate for Personal Loans from State Bank of India
Pension Loan SBI11.15%
Pension Loan Program for PSU and Treasury Pensioners11.15%-11.65%
Insta Pension Top-Up with Prior Approval11.15%
Pension Loan for Jai Jawan11.15%
Loans for Pre-Approved Pensions (PAPNL)11.15%

Personal loan categories offered by State Bank of India
The State Bank of India offers several different types of personal loans:

1) SBI Personal Loan with Prior Approval
The SBI Yono Pre-approved Personal Loan is another name for this pre-approved loan. Owners of SBI savings accounts can access it through the SBI YONO App. The SBI Yono Pre-approved Personal Loan is another name for this pre-approved loan. Owners of SBI savings accounts can access it through the SBI YONO App.

2) Personal Loan through SBI Xpress Credit
SBI pay account holders can use SBI Xpress Credit, a personal lending program, to finance their personal expenses. This loan program has a 20 lakh rupee maximum loan amount and a 6 to 6 year loan term.

3) Personal Loan with SBI Real-Time Xpress Credit
Consumers with government and defense wage packages can access fully digital, round-the-clock Xpress Credit personal loans with quick disbursement through the YONO app.

4) SBI Quick Personal Loan
For all salaried people without an SBI salary account, it is a personal loan.

5) Loan for SBI Pension
Retirement benefits from the federal and state governments, the military, and family pensioners are all eligible for the SBI Pension Loan program. The loan money could be used by these retirees to cover their personal needs.

Who Qualifies for the Personal Loan Programs of the State Bank of India?
SBI, like all other banks, has requirements that borrowers of personal loans must meet. Consumers who want personal loans from SBI must fulfill the requirements detailed below.

The following people are qualified to apply for SBI loans:

professionals who are paid a salary, such as government employees, doctors, CAs, CSS, and architects. Armed forces members and defense personnel can also get personal loans from SBI. Government and military personnel pay different personal loan interest rates than those in the private sector.

Age 21 and 65 A salary of at least Rs. 24,000 per month is required.
The most that can be borrowed is 15

What paperwork must I provide to the State Bank of India in order to apply for a personal loan?
To expedite the processing of the loan application, a list of necessary documents must be provided.

filled out the loan application.
two passport-size pictures.
You may use a driver’s license, passport, PAN, or voter ID as identification.
Tax PAN copy for income.
Registered Rent Agreement, Passport, or Utility Bill (up to three months old) are acceptable forms of proof of residential address.
Income-verifying documents include EMI debit messages, 3-month bank statements showing salary credit, and 3-month pay stubs from your current employer.


Imagine getting a personal loan from SBI, the biggest lender in the nation, with a low-interest rate that eases your repayment obligations. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Of course it is, then! View SBI’s most recent interest rates to take advantage of a hassle-free personal loan experience.

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